Hike Wrightwood

Inspiration Point, Highway 2
Inspiration Point

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Hike to Vincent Gap – Mine Gulch – Prairie Fork – Cabin Flat

" My goal was to reach dilapidated Cabin Flat Campground, up in the Prairie Fork. This would be an 'out and back' day hike, with the hope of returning ... "

Hiking on to Lupine, Guffy and Acorn Canyon, Wrightwood

" Once I left Cabin Flat’s abandoned remains, the road steadily and steeply made its’ way up the Prairie Fork. ... "

East Fork of the San Gabriel River – Hiking Down Stream from Mine Gulch Camp

" My goal was to continue down the East Fork of the San Gabriel River to a spot near the confluence of Alder Gulch and then double back, hopefully returning back up to Vincent Gap before I lost my light. ... "

Hike to Lamel Springs, Mount Baden-Powell

" As with all hikes starting out from Vincent Gap, the soil is brick red and dusty, a bit like being out in parts of New Mexico and Utah. The trail wastes no time in its’ ascent up the northeast facing slopes of ... "

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Baldy Notch to Mt. San Antonio

Vincent Gap to Mt. Baden-Powell

Blue Ridge to Mt. San Antonio

Dawson Saddle to Throop Peak

Buckhorn to Cooper Canyon and Littlerock Creek

Buckhorn to Mt. Waterman

Charlton Flat to Mt. Mooney & Devil's Peak

Charlton Flat to Vetter Mountain

Chilao to Devil's Canyon

Chilao to Mt. Hillyer via Horse Flats

Eagles Roost to Littlerock Creek

Icehouse Canyon Trail

Three Points to Twin Peaks Saddle, Mt. Waterman & Buckhorn

Crystal Lake to Mt. Islip & other Peaks

Crystal Lake to South Mt. Hawkins

Middle Fork Trailhead

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San Gabriel Mountains

Upper San Gabriel Mountains

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